Who is Joe?

 Serving you as your competent and reliable partner in fitness. I am looking forward to serving you.

 My name is Joe Vanderkooi, and I am  from Mine Hill, N.J.  Even as a young child,  I have always enjoyed sports, and working out. I started training with some of my friends at the age of 12. I set up a gym in my basement, and we would all meet a few days a week.

    I was hungry for more ideas, and knowledge on the mechanics of physical conditioning. I would read any info I could get my hands on, and I began teaching my friends my newly acquired methods of training. I took courses in anatomy and physiology in college, and continue to expand my knowledge today.

     I took my first job in a "real" gym at the age of 17, and received my certification from The American Council on Exercise, 12 years ago. I worked part time as a trainer at a local YMCA for one year, and then started with my own business. At first I only did training in my clients homes. As the economy became sluggish, I opened a studio in my own home, as a more economical option for my clients, I still continue to work with clients in their homes as well as my studio, and local gyms.

     As times changed, my business has evolved to help as many people as possible,  achieve their personal goals.

      I work with people of all ages, and a diverse range of focuses. All my clients receive my one on one attention, with a program I tailor to their needs.

      Completing a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail on August 18, 2017 is an accomplishment I am very proud of.  I would like to share the knowledge I gained on that adventure with people,  to enable them to further enjoy the outdoors while increasing their fitness level.

      Let me help you to reach your goals, and improve your health, fitness, and life! 

       Give me a call, and lets get started!